It's all got to start somewhere…

Well, at least I saw it coming… Kinda…

     My story is pretty complicated, if I do say so myself. I won't bother you with the beginning of my life, not yet anyhow, but what I really want to focus on is the last 10 years. I have had a legitimately shitty decade.
      I remember as a teenager those pretty happy-go-lucky genuinely "happy to be alive" days and then, a mistake put me somewhere else for a few years, and whether I like it or not, I have to admit that it helped me when I needed help. I take away from this whole debacle the fact that I am alone again. My parents are gone. The one person I thought I was going to spend the rest of her life with me, took her own path, away from me. The new love of my life, as of yesterday, she's also gone.
      Right now I'm writing this in a buddy's house, all by myself, he's at his other house, and every other friend I have isn't here. So what better time than now to begin this. What I wanted to say with this blog, not so much as it's going to be my daily ravings, but actually it's going to be an experiment.     
      We're going to see if actually picking yourself up by the bootstraps and digging in and actually doing something that is A pretty good practice will still work these days.
      I want to seek out that familiar American Grit, that old school "make something out of yourself" thing that my father was so good at.       
      Actually, I started this blog on the first... It was a New Year's resolution. Then a bunch of crap happen. Now it's actually the 9th. Nevertheless, I am going to be doing this every day so let me explain to you what my little experiment will be hypothesizing. Due to A Series of Unfortunate Events, I am homeless now. I have very little as far as money, or provisions. Pretty much I've only got myself and what I can borrow and receive from my friends.
      Through my trials and tribulations, and failings in life, I have become an "introvert". A person who would rather just not be around people at all. A Hermit almost. Someone who has seen both good and bad, and the bad just made me say to the world... "Nah".
       Believe it or not, I used to be a social butterfly. I was excited to wake up in the morning and hit the road running... literally... running... that was such a long time ago, and not only have the years put wrinkles and gray hair on my face, (prematurely I might add), but now I'm at a Crossroads in my life.
       I either succeed now or, give in to the hopelessness and the failure for the rest of my life. For years now I've been reading about these stay-at-home moms and college students and their weird "I get paid this much for this much, but I'll do this for you" kind of crap. 

       Home entrepreneurs and the stay-at-home king/queen! Basically I want to know if it's possible to really be an introvert and run a business by myself. Starting from nothing and hopefully reaching success in not a particularly long extensive time frame. I've got some skills that I can put to the test. Got the internet, because free Wi-Fi is a god-send. I have a smartphone and a PC that I can run off an inverter out of my truck for short periods of time. So, hypothetically, everything I need to actually start a company or some kind of side Hustle and be successful with right now. Which isn't a whole lot. 

        What my little blog is going to be about is I'm going to find out first-hand if effort is all you need to make it in this country. Who knows, maybe this will work! 

Lets get it going…

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

  • 1/10/20